Devi | George 4 and Sifiso Shange | 28 October 2021



He’s featured on our show more than any other alleged conman. Bizarrely we first met him when he wanted to work with us on our investigations and we bust him for squatting in upmarket properties. Since then, his list of alleged misdemeanours and fraud has grown as more and more people come forward with tales of being scammed. This time … he’s dreamt up a new scam AND … a story we found hard to comprehend at first - he’d allegedly taken twin babies away from their biological parents. When we confront him about the latest allegations, things get out of control.


Sifiso Shange is preserving his Zulu tradition and safeguarding his heritage in the only way he knows how - through his dynamic furniture designs. Aptly named Afri-Modern – the multi-media artist’s design lifestyle brand, each piece has its own name and its own story. Meet his furniture family.


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