Devi | Insta Hack & Anant Singh | 09 December 2021



Imagine sitting in a restaurant, having a pre-birthday lunch with a friend and out of the blue you start getting messages from Instagram saying your passwords and emails are being changed? Even worse - minutes later your now hijacked account, is being used to promote a dodgy investment site and thousands of your followers are being lured with your image front and centre? We delve into a growing trend where Instagram accounts, belonging to social media influencers and celebrities are being hacked and hijacked (and sometimes even held to ransom) by cyber criminals who rake in hundreds of thousands of rands from unsuspecting followers.


It all began with Charlie Chaplin, flickering on a makeshift screen in their modest home in Springfield. It later led to neighbourhood kids handing over coins to 10-year-old Anant Singh and his brother Sanjeev. At just 13 years old, after the death of his dad, Anant found solace in the moving image to which his dad had introduced him. Today, Anant is recognized as South Africa’s pre-eminent film producer, having produced over 100 films over four decades including Cry the Beloved Country, Sarafina and Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. Anant’s story is one of passion and entrepreneurial spirit and resilience.


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