DEVI │ Kanopi Con and Triggerfish │27 March 2022


It started with a tip off – a few calls later and #TheDeviTeam realised this wasn’t your ordinary investigation. There are close to 600 frustrated bakkie owners who are baying for their canopies after a Pretoria businessman took their orders (and bucks) and never delivered. We followed the money trail and found some questionable personal payments and peeved investors who were left high and dry. As allegations of threats, biker gangs and a slew of debts mount - we go looking for the Francois Schutte, the elusive man behind the Kanopi brand.



We roll into the fascinating world of animation, where detailing and precision are taken to a whole other level.  Nominated for an Oscar, Triggerfish is a Cape Town based studio with a string of successful movies and television shows to their credit including Takalani Sesame, Adventures in Zambezia, Khumba and Seal Team.  #TheDeviShow takes you to the movies!



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