Devi | Love swindler and native child | 18 August 2022



He's been in prison. He has an extensive rap sheet and some say he has more moves than the famous Tinder Swindler himself. Brendan Finlay, who goes by a host of aliases knows how to use dating sites as a hunting ground for his next unsuspecting victim. The suave, well-spoken chef knows how to turn on the charm and in the last few years has allegedly swindled successful women out of millions with his promises of fancy cars and fairytale weddings. In one case he even planned a wedding with one of the ladies he was wooing online from inside his prison cell where he was serving time for fraud.


Don’t you just love it when a side hustle becomes so successful that it becomes a full-time job? That’s what happened to quantity surveyor, Sonto Pooe, who started out braiding hair for pocket money on weekends and later experimenting with organic ingredients to her kitchen. Today, she is pioneering a successful plant-based hair and body care range as the founder of Native Child.


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