Devi | Online gone wrong & Naturist | 03 March 2022



Since the pandemic, online shopping has, for many of us, became the new normal. Last year, alone, South Africans spent over R40 billion in online transactions but with the increase in sales, comes an increase in complaints – everything from late delivery, defective products or even no delivery. So, what recourse do you have when your online shopping experience has gone wrong? We investigate some of the complaints and see if “customer is king” still applies in the online retail space!


Here’s an interesting fact - naturists do everything we do (walk, work, exercise, watch tv) – the only difference is …. they do it butt naked. Naturism is a way of life and some people like Vongani Nkuna, believe it nurtures the bedrock of who they are - I went to meet him and he bared more than just his soul.


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