Devi | Out the box | 23 December 2021



It’s been another tough year with lots of ups and downs … and to mark our “make a plan” attitude, #TheDeviShow brings you highlights of some of the most unusual people (and past-times) we’ve featured on the show.


Moonchild Sanelly – the self-proclaimed president of the female orgasm is a 33-year-old Port Elizabeth born singer with blue hair … which she patented. And, so begins the extraordinary story of a young South African outlier who is constantly re-inventing herself and sharing international stages with stars like Beyonce. #TheDeviShow hooked up with Moonchild and discovered that this megastar has never missed a beat!


The last place you’d expect to find a Mermaid is in Benoni. But over 500km from the nearest ocean, is where we discovered Mermaid Storm and her pod. Draped in shells and shimmery shades of the sea, being a mermaid is all about the tail and getting the right moves … underwater.


They call themselves a “destruction services provider” – but, if you are picturing a company which demolishes buildings, you’re wrong! Rage Room SA provides a safe space where you can de-stress and cause some “destruction” on a variety of household appliances, for starters! We aren’t kidding. The Devi Show tagged along with television and radio presenter, Philicity Reeken - and Devi discovered that despite all her big talk, she isn’t good at actually breaking anything!


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