Devi | The outliers | 13 January 2022


In a tough 2021, #TheDeviShow went out looking for stars – exceptional people who, against the odds, were making impossible dreams come true.  In this episode, we tell the stories of three outliers who made the impossible, possible.



Pirelli calendar model, Thando Hopa was discovered in a shopping mall. She wasn’t expecting it – born with albinism, in the outside world, she was constantly bullied because of her looks.  The chance “discovery,” though, didn’t detract from her from becoming a state prosecutor and specializing in sexual abuse cases.  Today, Thando has moved away from a legal career but still uses her voice on a different catwalk.



His story reads like a movie script:  A teenager grows up in war-torn Sudan, witnessing atrocities that can never be unseen.  Wrongly suspected of spying for the rebels, he is captured and tortured. He flees because staying isn’t a choice. He is just 16.  And so begins a monumental 18-month journey that brings this child of war, to South Africa.  Determined to continue his education, he fights his way through a system, not designed for the likes of him.  Today … he is Dr. Emmanual Taban. Leading pulmonologist and African legend. 



We meet a man who peers through microscopes during the day and dances in heels at night. During his work hours, he is a hydrogeologist, wrapped up in a lab coat and safety glasses – exploring his deep interest in how water moves through soil and rock.   When the sun slides into bed, he swaps his safety boots for super high heels.  Meet George the scientist …. or is it Lebo Molax – founder of Boys in Heels RSA.


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