Devi | Oxygen and Sneakers | 12 August 2021


As covid numbers surge around the country - many consumers are furious after buying what was meant to be life-saving oxygen concentrators, which have flooded the market. These medical devices are meant to deliver high levels of oxygen required by patients, in the advanced stages of Covid. But many of these devices are being imported by companies, which flout regulations and disturbingly, aren't registered for medical use in South Africa. We go undercover to lift the lid on an industry cutting corners and cashing in on a pandemic.


So … what do you do with a house full of exclusive sneakers and you don't have enough space? You create a Sneaker Exchange – that’s the brainchild of Zaid Osman. Today, The Sneaker Exchange is one of the largest sneaker trading events in Africa – and Zaid has deservedly earned the title of being the main man where kicks are concerned.


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