Devi | Richard Mansour & Tiktok pilot | 02 December 2021



Richard Mansour is multi-skilled. He is the CEO of Hf Technology. He’s the guy you call when you need any security and power solutions – solar panels, alarm systems, CCTV cameras – he can sort you out. His talents also extend to construction. Fences, walls … not a problem. Well, that’s what the marketing looked like. In reality, the complaints from unhappy customers were piling in. #TheDeviShow swung into gear …


Being a pilot sounds like a glamorous career – imagine having an office in the sky? Since her first flight when she was a little girl, commercial pilot, Melissa wanted to do exactly that and travel the world. Fast forward a few years and the 24-year-old charter pilot is now a social media star – “Pilot on the Gram” is her handle and she posts daily from a King Air cockpit to hundreds of thousands of followers. Strap in! We’re ready for take-off!


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