Devi | Sandile and Moshe | 3 November 2022



For years, on social media Sandile Shezi was living and selling a world of fantasy to his followers.

He dropped slick videos of him in helicopters, travelling in luxury vehicles and dressed in expensive brands while claiming to be a master at trading forex and crypto, promising to make his clients rich. In droves, they signed up for his services, paid their monthly subscriptions and invested.

Then, after pocketing millions, he suddenly claimed to be the victim of a hack and his investors are struggling to get their money or returns.

We expose the pitfalls of this risky investment scheme and bring you advice on the red flags to look out for, before parting with your bucks.


He is a trending influencer with a massive social media reach and over a million followers on the Gram who watch his life with great interest. He makes headlines doing what he does best which is making fun of himself, pop star Rihanna and everything in between. He’s appeared in every from of media from red carpet host, MC, talk shows, actor and radio contributor … Moshe Ndiki isn’t stopping anytime soon.


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