Devi | Where's your second-hand car been?│10 February 2022


Most South Africans can’t afford to buy brand new cars – the majority turn to the second-hand market. It’s risky and the horror stories are plentiful – but what choice do we have?  The reality is that nobody wants to buy a car which has been involved in a massive accident. But how would you know? Without an accessible register to refer to, these vehicles often find their way back to the market, with a face lift and sometimes, even an “approved” endorsement. What YOU need to know.


Gulshan Khan is an award-winning South African photographer. She’s been recognised as one of the top female photographers in the world and her work has been published in international newspapers and magazines. Yet, Gulshan “fell” into photography only in 2017 – proof that when you find your happy place, your life can change for the better at neck-breaking speed. 


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