Devi | Sweat shop & Dr Taban | 14 November 2021


In September 2021 #TheDeviShow brought you the unbelievable story of a modern-day sweatshop in Jozi. It all started with a desperate email from a viewer who described a totally implausible situation. The allegations were damning – employees not allowed to leave the premises, workers forced to sleep on the premises living in deplorable conditions and working inhumane hours. We took on the story and in this follow-up … go back to see what has changed?


His story reads like a movie script: A teenager grows up in war-torn Sudan, witnessing atrocities which can never be unseen. Wrongly suspected of spying for the rebels, he is captured and tortured. He flees because staying isn’t a choice. He is just 16. And, so begins a monumental 18-month journey which brings this child of war, to South Africa. Determined to continue his education, he fights his way through a system, not designed for the likes of him. Today … he is Dr Emmanual Taban. Leading pulmonologist and African legend.


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