Tech Matters: The future of the smartphone camera

Just imagine being able to unfold your smartphone into a tablet, or you tell your AI assistant to switch to the camera app, and a spider-like array of 9 or 10 lenses pops up to simultaneously capture the subject, from different angles.

This is the smartphone of the future.

I truly believe we are on the brink of the most significant changes to the design and functionality of smartphones, especially with the camera.

But, before we get there, are you using your current smartphone camera effectively, tapping into all of its settings and functionalities?

Here are some tips for the perfect pic

  • Balance your image with built-in grid lines
  • Set and maintain your camera’s focus
  • Focus on one subject, but don’t let the subject fill the entire frame. You want the background to make up around two thirds of the space.
  • Your smartphone is not called ‘mobile’ for nothing, so turn it around, and flip it over, to get different perspectives and angles
  • Play with reflections and shadows, colours and patterns
  • Avoid zooming in, but capture small details in perspective
  • Use natural light. In fact, believe it or not, it’s actually better to use it during the day
  • Consider getting yourself a mobile tripod
  • And don’t be afraid to edit and use filters to make your pics stand out from the rest.

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Using your camera for pics is one thing, but video is the new trend. A mobile device that is in your pocket all the time, and has editing software, is turning the world of video production, on its head.

Here are some tips to turn your phone into a mini video production unit 

  • Always use a mount of some kind
  • Try to get a fluid head tripod to put the mount onto – this will allow you to pan
  • ALWAYS set your video shooting mode to ‘manual’, and use apps on your phone to give you a more cinematic look in post-production
  • Once again, make your phone ‘mobile’ by putting it on a slider, a Gimbal, or even a drone to capture new angles and perspectives

But what’s the smartphone camera without good old selfie mode?

No matter how much scandal and judgment they bring, selfies have been the catalyst in driving innovation and technological advancement in smartphone cameras.

So, what is the future of the smartphone camera?

We are already seeing smartphones with triple cameras, and top quality lenses like Leica are a feature of some smartphones.

And then there’s artificial intelligence.

With only a few exceptions, AI on smartphones has so far been limited to photography. Soon, “camera AI” will be something all but the cheapest smartphone will have as a basic feature.

Camera AI applies the settings that would take humans too long to work out, when all they have is a split second to capture a moment in time.

Just imagine the videos, pics and selfies of the future!

Stay in focus because your tech…matters. I’m Yavi Madurai.

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