A bowl of 'liquid gold' please?

File: A new study suggests that certain homemade broths might have properties that can help fight malaria.

File: A new study suggests that certain homemade broths might have properties that can help fight malaria.


Johannesburg, July 11 – As winter sweeps through the country, what better way to spend it than cosy under a blanket, with a warm bowl of soup?

Well, for one Johannesburg lady and her daughter, the weather doesn’t play any role in it being a worthy day for some good broth; rather all that’s needed is pots of passion and a sprinkle of imagination.

Known as the soup lady, Tracy Lipschitz and her daughter, Alexi Kitay, have spent a mere four years inventing more than 60 different types of home-made soups. 

“We’ve got approximately 65 different soups, we have a vegetarian range, a vegan range, a meat, chicken and fish range and shellfish too,” says the bubbly Tracy. 

And it isn’t just the diversity of ingredients that make Soup n’ Stuff’s broths stand out from the usual canned soups picked up from the grocery store.  These soups are made with fresh produce, with special attention to detail paid to every pot of brew.  

“These soups are all home-made, they are preservative free, they are mostly free-range chicken and meat, they are organic vegetables as much as possible.  My soups are, if its tomato, then it’s made with tomato, it isn’t thickened with potato it isn’t thickened with flour. It is what it says it is,” says Tracy,  

From a creamy broccoli with mint, to a hearty oxtail and butternut soup and a soothing salmon chowder, Tracy says the most innovative mixture she has come up with is her pomegranate with meatballs soup. 

But the hard work isn’t just coming up with the ingredient mixtures, executing those ideas may lead to hours of stirring every day.  

“With about 4kgs of onion, it can take up to an hour or so of sitting and stirring, so you try to do other things in between, but you just have to constantly keep an eye on it, so it doesn’t start burning,” says Alexi. 

There are no complaints though, because for Tracy and Alexi, seeing the faces of their content customers at the Jozi Food Market in Parkhurst, make it worthwhile. 

One customer enjoys the soups so much that she refers to it as “liquid gold”. 

“I think the soup is absolutely fantastic and the fact that there’s this entire range is just amazing.  Tracy is really… she makes liquid gold,” gushes Lauren McDermid.  

For most of us, winter is usually the time for a comforting bowl of soup.  But for Tracy and her daughter, every day, is soup day. 

Check out the video and gallery of Tracy and Alexi at work making and selling soups.

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