Fashion statements at State of the Nation Address

CAPE TOWN - They’re usually drowning in paperwork and bureaucracy but every year, at the much anticipated President’s State of the Nation Address, South Africa’s politicians get a chance to delve in the world of fashion.

One would swear that these are scenes from the runway of Milan but in fact they’re some of the country’s top political heads strutting their stuff, proving that politicians aren’t at all drab and dreary.

"I do think politicians are making more of an effort, gone are the days when they wore those dowdy suits and look really boring like they were going to a funeral," said designer Craig Jacobs.

"I think politicians are having fun with fashion. sometimes no so well but sometimes they look really great, but that&39;s good because it is one of the most important dates on the political calendar and it&39;s an opportunity for them to show their constituents that they do have a bit of a personality."

*Watch the video above to see SA&39;s political heads strut their stuff.