2017: the year of endless court battles for Jacob Zuma


President Jacob Zuma says African economies are small by global standards and that a collective approach is key for development.

JOHANNESBURG – Legally, it&39;s been a tough year for President Jacob Zuma.

On Friday the Constitutional Court ruled that the National Assembly failed to hold him to account on the Nkadla matter.

Earlier this month, the North Gauteng High Court ruled against him in the NDPP and state capture matters.

President Zuma is appealing both rulings.

Friday’s Constitutional Court judgment, ordering parliament to formulate rules to impeach a head of state deemed unfit for office, is the third in one month.

WATCH: Parliament failed to hold Zuma accountable over Nkandla: ConCourt

Before that, the same court had struck down the appointment of Shaun Abrahams as head of the NPA, ruling that the president was conflicted in his appointment due to the potential of outstanding corruption charges being reinstated against him.

The court ordered Deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa to appoint Abrahams&39; replacement.

It’s unclear what political protection Zuma will enjoy from the newly elected ANC leadership with power understood to be evenly balanced within the party’s 80- member National Executive Committee (NEC).

The ANC did not respond directly to Friday’s judgment, saying only it would be discussed at its NEC meeting on the 10th of January.

In less than a fortnight South Africa will, therefore, know exactly what the ANC is going to do about President Zuma.

The question remains whether 2018 be when it all catches up with Zuma or another year of legal toing and froing.