Over 2,400 accidents, 36 cases of drowning in December


File: Netcare 911 ambulances leave an accident scene.

File: Netcare 911 ambulances leave an accident scene.

JOHANNESBURG - Emergency personal have had to tend to at least 36 cases of drowning and over 2,400 accidents across the country since the beginning of December..

Speaking to eNCA, Netcare911 spokesman Chris Botha said December 2013 has been "one of the busiest we’ve had in many, many years."

He said that since the first of the month, over 2,400 accidents and 36 cases of drowning were attended.

In KwaZulu-Natal, over 500 accidents resulted from drivers not keeping following distances and adhering to strict road regulations, said Botha. He added that in some cases both passengers and drivers were guilty of not wearing seatbelts and then when faced with a collision, were ejected from their vehicles causing them to suffer critical injuries and even death.

Botha said Gauteng had over 900 accidents since the beginning of the month, but that in contrast, the Eastern Cape "had a few very bad accidents."

"We’re stretched to the limits over the entire country. I was on the road yesterday (Sunday) [and I] traveled between Durban and Margate and there has been an enormous show of force by the cops. They have been pulling people over."

Botha said emergency response teams were situated at "strategic places all along the highways." He said they were working with provincial police services "so we can increase communication" between helpers whether they be state or private.