Unfinished highway tackled

CAPE TOWN - The City of Cape Town is finally tackling the infamous unfinished freeway on the Foreshore.  Authorities have enlisted the help of some bright young minds to help get the job done.

Amid many rumours there is no clear documentation as to why the bridge is incomplete, the City of Cape Town&39;s Brett Herrom said: "It was designed to be completed later when there was budget available and when traffic flows demanded it."

Forty years later the city is finally ready to tackle the engineering mishap in partnership with the University of Cape Town.

"Close to 200 final year and post grad Engineering students will have a year to design a solution. The project not only counts as part of their degree, but the winning proposal may even see the bridge finally completed.

“At the end there are three things that need to be delivered: First of all we need to provide some options to the city. The second one is that we also try to use the output in an exhibition and the third one is a prize.”

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