AfriForum takes farm attack footage to UN


Farm/Land reform

NEW YORK - A video that shows how an armed gang gains access to a farm house, will form part of a submission by Afriforum to the United Nations.
In the recording, the men gain access to the house on a farm in Schweizer-Reneke in North West seemingly without much effort. 
The incident took place on 18 August this year. The couple sleeping inside, unaware of the intruders&39; presence until they watched the CCTV footage the next morning.
With their firearms clearly visible, the gang failed to access the security gate to the couple&39;s bedroom. They left the house empty handed.
Afriforum will attend a meeting of the UN&39;s Forum for Minority Issues later this month, and will also submit a petition to get the minister of police to prioritise farm attacks.

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