AfriForum's water campaign 'opportunistic'

PRETORIA - The Water Affairs Department has hit back at AfriForum over the political party&39;s national campaign to test the country&39;s drinking water.
The Department said the project is misleading the public, and that they will consider taking the matter to court, but AfriForum said the plan to test potable and sewage water quality is to ensure national standards were upheld.
However, government said the initiative is opportunistic.
AfriForum said government failed to conduct quality tests on a regular basis, pointing out that more than 40,000 people fall ill every year as a result of unsafe drinking water.
"They&39;ve neglected to publish any results in the last two years. So AfriForum was actually forced to start monitoring the quality of drinking water and sewage water quality throughout South Africa," said AfriForum Head of Environmental Affairs Julius Kleynhans.
The civil rights group is planning to test water in a third of the country’s 274 municipalities.