Agliotti supports Oscar Pistorius


Oscar Pistorius is getting support from a seemingly unlikely source: convicted drug trafficker Glenn Agliotti.

PRETORIA - Oscar Pistorius is getting support from a seemingly unlikely source: convicted drug trafficker Glenn Agliotti.

Agliotti faced prosecution from the same team who are now trying Pistorius and he said his experiences show that the Blade Runner wouldn&39;t get a fair trial.  

Gerrie Nel and Andrea Johnson ensured Agliotti&39;s arrest for the so-called assisted suicide murder of mining magnate Brett Kebble, and then used his evidence to convict former National Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi, of corruption.

“I believe they will do anything and everything within their power to try and take Pistorius down, because it’s a feather in their cap, it’s an endorsement behind their names,” said Agliotti.

Agliotti, who pleaded guilty to drug dealing charges, reveals every detail of his and Selebi’s prosecution in a tell-all book which will be on shelves in mid-June.

He says he hopes Pistorius and his lawyers would make use of what happened to him to prepare themselves for what he said would be a very ugly trial.

“I had the fortune of meeting Oscar Pistorius at a barbeque. He came across as being a very humble person. My heart went out to him. It was at a private function. I gave him my number and I said &39;if ever you need a bit of help or whatever, or need to talk to someone phone me&39;. Because I know what he’s going to go through,” he said.

While he was acquitted of Kebble’s murder, Agliotti said the case destroyed his life - resulting in his wife divorcing him and ruining his business.

“South Africans don’t forgive and they don’t forget. So unfortunately for me and for Oscar, you’re almost dead in the water in South Africa because there will always be a stigma attached to you,” he added.

While Agliotti once threatened to sue the State for malicious prosecution, he said his lawyers advised him not to do so for “technical reasons”.

The National Prosecuting Authority denied Agliotti’s claims that Pistorius won’t get a fair trial.

“We can never prove a case based on lies, based on hearsays. We will make sure that every case is proved beyond reasonable doubt so that when it comes out on the other side, everything is fair and justice is served.” said NPA spokesperson Medupe Simasiku.

Pistorius returns to court on June 4, 2013.