Amcu members fear for their lives


Amcu leader Joseph Mathunjwa addresses striking mineworkers at Wonderkop Stadium in Marikana on May 14, 2014. Miners have been on strike for nearly four months.

JOHANNESBURG - A group of Amcu members are living in fear, amid claims that their union is behind a number of murders, Eyewitness News has reported.

The Marikana miners told EWN that they were forced into hiding as union leadership had failed to protect them.

Amcu is accused of corruption, and of a bitter leadership battle.

Union leadership has reportedly met to discuss the allegations, and suspected assassinations within the union.

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In September, Mathunjwa alleged that Amcu&39;s leadership was being targeted by rival unions and the SAPS was slow to react.

Several Amcu members have been killed in the Marikana area since July.

The union has hired controversial private investigator Paul O’Sullivan to probe the murders.

In 2012, Mathunjwa addressed workers before the Marikana Massacre that left 34 miners dead.

"If we can prevent bloodshed we’d be able to return to the negotiation table.” is a translation of what he told the workers.

But the unions commitment to non-violence is now being questioned.