ANC blames City of Cape Town for Mitchells Plain protests


An ATM, car and vegetable and fruit stall were set alight during violent protests in Mitchell's Plain on May 2, 2018.

CAPE TOWN – The ANC on Thursday condemned the violent protests that erupted in Mitchells Plain on Wednesday. 

Residents clashed with community members from the nearby Siqalo informal settlement. The protests relate to a lack of housing. 

The ANC said it is "disheartened by the racial character of the protests. These protests show how racial tensions and racial distrust still permeate the life of Cape Town and the Western Cape. Such tensions also show the inability of the current local and provincial government to have comprehensive and proactive measures to create specific programmes for racial harmony."

Mitchells Plain residents have asked the City of Cape Town to intervene.

WATCH: Mitchells Plain residents call on City to intervene after violent protests

The ANC accused the City of ignoring Siqalo residents&39; pleas for basic services. 

"The residents know that there is money allocated under the Urban Settlement Development Grant (USDG) which is meant to upgrade informal settlements which has since its inception not been fully utilised by the City. Last year, R175-million was rolled over and this year the city received R1.6-billion which will again not be fully utilised," the party said.

"The DA seems fully conscious that when the residents of Siqalo express their discontent and protests on the streets, it affects other communities, including Mitchells Plain, which stirs up racial tensions between Africans and coloureds, something that serves the DA&39;s interests.

"These tensions could have been avoided if the DA had been responsive to the basic needs of Siqalo community and had put more programmes for racial harmony in the province at large. There is a general discontent with provision of service even within communities themselves and the DA must not cover its poor service delivery in communities by shifting blame to others."

The ANC will hold a stakeholder meeting in Mitchells Plain on Thursday where it plans "to outline measures to bring solutions to the challenges in both communities."