ANC destined for mass burial if no change: MK vets


Former communications minister Siphiwe Nyanda.

Former communications minister Siphiwe Nyanda.

JOHANNESBURG - The ANC is destined for a mass burial if it doesn’t change course, warned struggle veterans of the liberation on Saturday.

Speaking plainly at a conference held at the Nasrec Expo Centre on Saturday, MK veterans said it is time for bitter truths to be told, and the party no longer holds the moral high ground.

“We love the ANC, but we love the ANC that does the right things,” said MK Council Chairperson Siphiwe Nyanda at a gathering of veterans who strongly feel that the ANC has strayed far from its intended path.

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The Gauteng ANC chairperson was unequivocal in his message.

“We must be bold, honest and frank. We must tell one another the bitter truth for us to contribute to rescuing the African National Congress," said Paul Mashatile.

While Frank Chikane said the road the governing party finds itself on leads to only one place if it doesn't act now.

“That trajectory can only lead you to the death of that movement. To use the words of Comrade Nyanda, we don’t want to all go into a mass grave where the ANC will be buried. We are going to make sure that the ANC remains the peoples’ organisation,” said the ANC stalwart.

“We cannot be continuously beholden to an ANC that steers us out of our historic mission of serving our people and delivering to them the dream of true liberation. We cannot continue to love an ANC that takes us to certain death,” said Nyanda.

The MK veterans, not to be confused with the Umkhonto We Sizwe Military Veterans Association headed by Kebby Maphatsoe, have been in talks with the MKMVA, but they’re deadlocked.

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Their calls for a stand-alone ANC national consultative conference separate from the upcoming policy conference at the end of June has fallen on deaf ears.