ANC struggle credentials enough reason for electoral support: Zuma


24 July 2016 - President Jacob Zuma addresses supporters at the Ga-Seleka Stadium in Limpopo on Sunday. He stressed how the ANC had successfully defeated the apartheid government.

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LEPHALALE - The African National Congress’s struggle credentials is enough reason for voters to support the party and for it to govern municipalities, President Jacob Zuma said on Sunday.

Addressing an ANC August 3 municipal elections rally in Ga-Seleka in Limpopo, Zuma said the ANC had successfully defeated the apartheid government and changed oppressive laws that sidelined black people from social and economic development benefits.



“We have addressed many challenges that faced us, having addressed the challenge of oppression,” he said.

The ANC had also reconstructed social and economic policy to include people who were sidelined by apartheid.

“We have made the law in Parliament that scrapped all the laws of apartheid and brought equality to all of us and indeed, we removed things that stopped us from benefitting from the country, we have electrified the country and we continue to do so,” he said.

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General and local government elections were part of the benefits included in the new Constitution "orchestrated" by the ANC.

Zuma appealed to supporters to vote on August 3, saying neglecting this responsibility could reduce the ANC’s power.

“If we don’t vote and say we are many, maybe others will vote, you are not doing good service to the ANC because you want the ANC to win with a small majority. If it wins with a smaller majority it will have small power. If it has small power it will deliver in a small way.

“The route to the final destination is power, that is called the power to rule the country. But if we vote in bigger numbers we will have a bigger victory and bigger power.”

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The ANC was different from other different political parties. Other parties "are just political parties, the ANC is the struggle movement of the people”, he said.

The ANC would continue to implement its social development program to address the legacy of apartheid and colonial rule.

“We are looking after 17 million people who would not have anything to eat. We have delivered on education… and say poor children must not pay.”

Zuma again repeated that the Democratic Alliance was a "child of [the old] National Party and a snake" which sought to "oppress black people and bite the ANC".

The ANC’s campaigning on Sunday was marred when an Economic Freedom Fighters motorcade drove past the venue were Zuma was speaking.

He told the crowd that EFF leader Julius Malema believed he would win votes in Limpopo, but the "alleged" EFF support would be seen on election day.

Zuma said he had confidence in Limpopo voters, who had delivered the most votes for the ANC during previous elections.

PICTURE: President Jacob Zuma dances with Solly Moholo and his band at the Ga-Seleka Stadium in Limpopo on Sunday. CREDIT: ANA / Chester Makana