ANCNGC: Magashule on Zuma 3rd term rumour, Premier League 'fiction'


Free State Premier Ace Magashule attended the launch of a land-reform project.

Free State Premier Ace Magashule attended the launch of a land-reform project.

JOHANNESBURG - The issue of whether President Jacob Zuma should be allowed to serve an extended second term as ANC leader has been a hot topic at the ANC National General Council.

This despite the event not being a leadership conference. 

Speaking at the event, Zuma said he would never take part in a third term bid, even if asked by the party. 

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However, questions have been asked about whether the party should not change the time frame of party leadership, to bring it in line with national elections to enable the party leader to remain country president over the same time frame.

At present, Zuma is in his second term as both party and national president. However, his second term as ANC leader ends in 2017, but he will remain President of South Africa until 2019 - two years after he ceases being the ANC&39;s political head.

Speaking to eNCA this morning on this issue, ANC Free State Chairperson and Premier Ace Magashule said the discussion was a moot point for the time being, because of party rules.

"We must read our Magaung Resolutions. We have rejected the notion that we should bring all the elections at all spheres at the same time and that resolution still stands…it can only be changed come 2017," he said. 

"The president of the ANC can be nominated... President Jacob Zuma is one principled leader. I’m sure as branches of the ANC we should respect…There isn’t any need for any third term," he said. 



Magashule also responded to questions about his role as an alleged kingmaker within the party.

Along with Gauteng and North West Premiers Supra Mahumapelo, Magashule is said to be part of a group dubbed the Premier League who are said to be pulling strings behind the scenes on major party issues.

The group has denied this.

Today Magashule called the allegations "fiction".

"Whoever alleges, I don’t know what I have done particularly to suggest that we have this Premiers League."

"I don’t know how we can influence the entire country when ANC delegates and ANC members are individuals in their own right. They are credible, they can think for themselves and I don’t understand how they can be influenced by a group of three people," he said. 

The ANC NGC begun on Friday and will end on Sunday evening. 

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