ANCYL unapologetic about calling Gordhan an 'impimpi'


Johannesburg, 02 May 2016 - The ANC Youth League president has gone to ground. Collen Maine is refusing to comment on his new home, which allegedly cost 5,4 million rand. The Amabhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism broke the story.

JOHANNESBURG - The ANC Youth League is unapologetic about calling Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan an "impimpi'.

At the weekend youth league president Collen Maine said that Gordhan should be dealt with in the same way "izimpimpi" were treated during the liberation struggle. Back then people who were believed to be spying for the apartheid regime were necklaced.

The ANC showed its disapproval of the comments, with national spokesperson Zizi Kodwa saying:  "We think it's time that perhaps we must take action and actually teach others that it is not allowed ..."

Kodwa said so-called Izimpimpi had caused many comrades' deaths in the past and there was no way that Gordhan's name should be used in the same sentence as this word.

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He said Maine had been confronted about his comments and regretted them

"Of course the ANCYL president regrets his comments. It is our responsibility as the ANC to continue to talk. We must never tire of talking to leaders of the ANC who continue, like I said earlier, to speak off tune."

But ANC spopkesperson Mlondi Mkhize insists teh league president is unrepentant.

"There is no reason for him to apologise up until unless those that deem it appropriate for him to apologise tell us what is wrong with what he has said."

The youth league believes Gordhan is deliberately standing in the way of transformation.

Gordhan is yet to comment on the matter.