At the mercy of gangs


WORCESTER, 23 March 2017 - It is believed gangsters are mowing each other down over drugs and territory in the Western Cape town. Police are also investigating four attempted murder cases.?

WORCESTER - Police are still searching for suspects involved in the ongoing gang violence in Worcester.

The small town, just a few kilometres from Cape Town, has been at the mercy of rival gangs.

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Three people have been killed in clashes. Police are investigating four attempted murder cases.

Nine houses have been torched so far.

Additional police have been deployed to monitor the situation.

Authorities have urged residents to work with them in order to restore calm to the Avian Park and the Riverview areas.

"The government is not going to help our people. That's why our people must step up for themselves and work hand in hand with the police and everyone,” said resident, Dennis Adams.