WATCH: Bashir ordered to stay in SA, case postponed

JOHANNESBURG – The North Gauteng High Court extended an order on Sunday preventing Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir from leaving the country until it made a final decision on calls for his arrest on a warrant from the International Criminal Court in the Hague.
Judge Hans Fabricius postponed the hearing until 11:30am on Monday and urged the government to take "all necessary steps" to prevent Bashir, who is in Johannesburg for an African Union summit, leaving the country.
This after lawyers for government clashed with lawyers representing the South African Litigation Centre (SALC) in an urgent court application in the High Court in Pretoria.
The court ordered the director general of Home Affairs to ensure that the court order is served on officials at all ports of entry in the country, including airports and border posts.
SALC brought the urgent application to the court Sunday morning, asking that President Jacob Zuma and the National Prosecuting Authority arrest Bashir on the order of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

After a three-hour recess the state was not ready to argue its case. Advocate William Mokhari argued that government did not have adequate time to put the matter before the court.

Asking for the case to be postponed until Monday Mokhari said "the assurance is there that the court order which was granted in the morning still stand".

The judge ordered that Bashir be prohibited from leaving South Africa until an order is made on whether he should be arrested, and likely handed to the ICC, or not.

SALC argued that the state had enough time to prepare as they notified them of their intention to seek Bashir&39;s arrest in May already.

The organisation had made an urgent representation to ICC on Saturday night and The Hague reaffirmed its call for Bashir to be arrested.

Isabel Goodman of the SALC said that they are concerned at a lack of efficacy and that there might be a lack of communication between home affairs top brass and front line officials and that Bashir may slip out of the country quietly.

She stated that her colleagues tested the warrant on officials at the OR Tambo airport and they did not comply with the ordered and were not willing to give their names and designations.

Earlier on Sunday she stated that no one from Home Affairs could confirm reports of Bashir&39;s arrival in the country on Saturday night.

Watch Judge Hans Fabricius give a detailed interim court order in the window above.


- Additional reporting from Reuters.


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