WATCH: Blacklist for racists?


Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Dr Pieter Mulder, arrives at the 2013 State of the Nation Address at Parliament in Cape Town, South Africa.

PARLIAMENT - The National Assembly is holding a special debate on racism this afternoon.

It is also expected to focus on recent racially-fuelled clashes at various universities.

The debate follows President Zuma&39;s State of the Nation Address when he call for the country to work together in ending racism.

Zuma, In his  address, said this year&39;s Human Rights Day will be dedicated to fighting racism.

The issue of racism has reared its head in Parliament on numerous occasions recently.

The EFF&39;s Hlengiwe Hlope was forced to leave the National Assembly chamber after refusing to unconditionally withdraw her comments calling the Democratic Alliance and Freedom Front Plus (FF+) racists.

The FF+&39;s Pieter Mulder said, “Racism is a very serious issue that must be condemned unconditionally. Racism from the side of white people or black people carries a germ that could destroy South Africa and all human relations.

"Shall I then refer to the T-shirt at UCT with &39;kill all whites&39; on it. I believed the President would take the opportunity to also condemn it. My big disappointment was that he didn’t react to it.”

The ANC&39;s Jabulani Mahlangu responded accusing the Freedom Front Plus of fuelling racial tensions.

“Reactionary formations like the freedom front and its right wing partners like Afriforum are fuelling the foul air of tension, mutual antagonism and hatred because they are opposed to the transformation of high education, and the shaping of democratic, multilingual, language policies and  practices that reflect the aspirations of our constitution," said Mahlangu.

"We are nonetheless encouraged that Universities, which were enclaves of Afrikaner nationalism, seem eager to adopt progressive language policies.”

*View the attached video for more on the parliamentary debate on racism.