#BlackMonday draws more dividing lines than support


Demonstrators protest against South African President Jacob Zuma's firing of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, outside Parliament in Cape Town, South Africa, March 31, 2017.

PRETORIA - Civil rights groups, motivated by the controversial cabinet reshuffle, called on South Africans to wear black on Monday 3 April and to march in protest.

But on various social media platforms the campaign for Black Monday seems to have created more racial divisions than support.

While many have shared the message of Black Monday, as of Monday morning, the campaign seemed  to not have had the desired effect.

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The #BlackMonday website created by the self-proclaimed “ordinary concerned citizens of this nation"  stated: The time has come for all of us to unite behind the values enshrined in our Constitution.

That there is a duty on all of us to uphold and protect these values by holding our government accountable to their Constitutional mandate.

We wish to dispel the myth that these irrational actions have and will contribute to our economy.

We can no longer be passive. Let us start the change we wish to see in our beloved country, and save the legacy that Nelson Mandela, Ahmed Kathrada and liberation leaders fought for.

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