'Bring it on bloody racists', Malema tells AfriForum


October 27, 2015 - Leader of South Africa's left-wing Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Julius Malema gestures after arriving at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in Sandton,

JOHANNESBURG – AfriForum Advocate, Gerrie Nel says he&39;s not going to respond to Julius Malema&39;s tweet on the decision to privately prosecute him.

The EFF leader challenged the lobby group to go ahead with the case.



“You must know that we have dealt with the matters where most people say I want my day in court please give me my day in court when that happen there is a lot of representation and attempts to avoid it. I will not get into personal discussion with everybody that I have prosecuted. I only do my job. I am a prosecutor I look at the law. I will not respond to any of those matters even if they are very personal and challenging.”

WATCH: AfriForum to privately prosecute Malema

AfriForum said on Thursday that they will prosecute Malema for fraud and corruption linked to On-Pointing Engineering contract.

In 2015, however, Malema&39;s corruption case was struck off the roll.

The EFF said it was fully behind its leader and accused AfriForum of deflecting the party attention on land expropriation.

“It is not a secret that the EFF is at the forefront of the struggle for land expropriation without compensation and that Afriforum is one of its right wing opponents. Instead of engaging in a democratic debate and engagement on the land question, Afriforum does what their colonial and apartheid forefathers did to Freedom Fighters, which is criminal persecution and prosecutions for political reasons. There’s no doubt that Afriforum’s private prosecutions is part of an onslaught against the EFF,” the party said in a statement.