Businesses innovate to save water


Water runs from a tap in London, Britain, 12 August 2013. News reports suggest Thames Water will look to raise its prices in 2014 to cover debts and infrastructure costs.

JOHANNESBURG – Businesses in Gauteng have been forced to find innovative ways to save water in order to keep their doors open.

Those who contravene water restrictions in Tshwane and Ekurhuleni face hefty fines, so businesses have to be wise about their water consumption.

The Fournos Group sells hundreds of cups of coffee daily. To save water, they now use pressurised coffee machines and a water-wise baseline dishwasher which only requires water changes four times daily.

Tanaz Hair salon in Sandton keeps 10- to 20-litre drums in its basement as a back-up supply. They&39;re also considering other options, such as boreholes and water tankers.

Virgin Active says its water saving initiatives have been successful. It&39;s installed automatic sensor taps and water- saving shower heads in its gyms.

The group says since it began back-washing swimming pools twice a week, each club has been able to save about 20,000 litres of water.

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