Cape Town beerhouse with a difference

CAPE TOWN - A Cape Town hotspot offers a wide variety of international beer in a bid to give beer drinkers the same respect as wine fundis.

The Beerhouse has 99 varieties of bottled beer and another 16 on tap.

Some of the beer availble at this conventional pub is flavoured and this gives beer lovers an opportunity to find their perfect brew.

“Similar to wine where you have so many different experiences and not only the sauvignon blanc or the chardonnay, the same applies to beer. It&39;s just something that most beer lovers or beer drinkers aren&39;t used to,” said Beerhouse owner Randolf Jorberg.

There is a rich and varied selection of beer flavours at the venue and Windermere ciders are also on offer. 

“We&39;ve got the Windermere Cider which is really where you can taste the apple taste which is way more natural. You basically have the meaty taste, the oak taste, the chocolate taste,” said Jorberg