Cape Town introduces level five water restrictions



JOHANNESBURG – The City of Cape Town has implemented level five water restrictions with immediate effect.

The introduction of level five restrictions includes fines and a further increase in water pressure management, the city announced on Sunday.

The city said the limit of 87 litres per person and 500 million litres collectively per day remains. But there's a new emphasis on capping domestic use and placing additional restrictions on the commercial sector.

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The city had made considerable strides with regard to lowering water pressure over the past three months, which had contributed to reducing overall consumption of municipal water.

There was, however, room for further measures to reduce water pressure, which would commence immediately.

Further pressure reduction was likely to result in supply interruptions being experienced in higher-lying areas of the city’s supply zones for short periods during the day. Multi-storey buildings that did not make use of pumps and overhead tanks as required by the city’s building regulations were likely to experience supply problems.

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The city says the measures are necessary to steer Cape Town through the drought.