Cape Town may run dry


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JOHANNESBURG – A trickle of water may soon be all that's coming out of Cape Town’s taps.

The metro's dams only have 120 days of water left. 

Earlier this week, officials released a name-and-shame list of those with excessively high water consumption.



One resident, who had a leak, was billed for over 700,000 litres in a single month.

That's enough to fill 10 average-sized swimming pools.

INFOGRAPHIC: Cape Town water wasters

Residents have been urged to check for leaks.

The city's sent letters to 20,000 residents, warning them not to use too much water.

There has been some disagreement in the Western Cape about the true status of Cape Town's water situation.

While the City of Cape Town wants the water shortage declared a disaster, the provincial Water and Sanitation Department says things aren't quite so bad.

A water audit will be conducted this month to check if current water-saving measures are adequate and what would need to change to stretch supply.