WATCH: I was 'too scared' to help my father: Henri van Breda


Prosecutor Susan Galloway will continue cross-examining axe-murder accused Henri van Breda in the Western Cape High Court on Wednesday.



Editor&39;s note: This live event has ended. You may watch a recording above.

CAPE TOWN - Murder-accused Henri van Breda was back in the dock on Thursday, to continue answering questions related to the murder of three of his family members.

A moment of high drama occurred when Van Breda demonstrated how the alleged killer hadattacked his brother with an axe.

Van Breda also described watching his father grappling with the assailant, but said he was too scared to help his father.

He had no explanation as to why the attacker had not harmed him at any stage in the events.

Questioning during the morning session related primarily to timelines, and to the testimony of a neighbour who said she heard people arguing on the night of the murders.

Van Breda insisted that the neighbour either heard a movie that they were watching on television, or alternatively, the argument she heard was in another property.

Van Breda&39;s much-awaited testimony saw the public gallery packed to the rafters in the Western Cape High Court on Tuesday.

He is accused of the axe killings of his mother, Theresa, father, Martin and brother, Rudi, at their luxury home in Stellenbosch in 2015.

He gave his version of events to the court just a day before his 23rd birthday.

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Despite the claim that media cameras would make him nervous and cause stuttering, Van Breda appeared calm, showing very little emotion.

Giving testimony, he said a laughing axe man was responsible for the deaths of his family members, and on several occasions demonstrated the alleged scuffle between him and the alleged masked attacker.

The mask, he said, was homemade.

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Van Breda disputed the claim that he was giggling on the phone when he made the call to emergency services, but he admitted that he did not come to the aid of his family because he was too scared.

"I was scared, I didn’t know what to do. I can&39;t specifically recall what was going through my mind but I cetrainly wasn&39;t able to think clearly....I was very scared," he said.

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