WATCH: Lynne Brown defends Molefe's reappointment at Eskom


Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown will be updating the Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises onthe affairs ofState Owned Enterprises. ?

Editor's Note: Click here to watch Lynne Brown explain Molefe's return to Eskom

PARLIAMENT - Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown has defended Brian Molefe's reappointment as CEO of Eskom.

"He has been accused of having been captured. He therefore can’t go back to Eskom. It’s an ethical outrage. The man hasn’t been found guilty yet. He must be seen as innocent until proven guilty,' Brown told the media in Braamfonteiin on Friday afternoon.

Parliament confirmed Molefe's resignation as MP earlier on Friday.

His reinstatement follows a dismissal of Molefe's application for early retirement by the Board of Eskom.

A golden handshake of a R30-million pension payout had previously been proposed, but was rejected by Minister Brown.

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