WATCH: Trevor Manuel predicts December ANC conference will collapse


Trevor Manuel said government should stop blaming apartheid for its actions.



JOHANNESBURG – Former Finance Minister Trevor Manuel believes there’s a strong chance the ANC might lose the 2019 elections.

He was speaking after the Eric Molobi memorial lecture at the University of Johannesburg, during which he said the party is in trouble.

Former Finance Minister Manuel says, “We lived with the slogan “ANC lives, ANC leads”. At the moment I don’t think that’s in evidence. The fortunes as represented by the 2016 local government elections shown an 8% drop.”

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“Now I know we can’t always use that as a proxy. I also know that once the ANC is in trouble, other political parties still have a long way to reach the fortunes. But I have said before that the trend line looks as though it will be coalition politics beyond the 2019 elections.”

Manuel reiterated that not all the blame can be placed on Zuma as there are people who have been acting on his behalf. He says that notable in the ANC NEC that just do what they are told, without questioning. 

He added that the capabilities of the Hawks, the NPA, the public protector and the public protector need to be questioned. As upholders of the law he says that these state bodies need to not only serve the interest of the ruling elite but also the common man.


















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