WATCH: Zuma in the dock


Former president Jacob Zuma is appearing in the KwaZulu-Natal High Court on corruption charges.Thousandsareexpected to march in supportof him.

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DURBAN - Former president Jacob Zuma appeared in the KwaZulu-Natal High Court on Friday.

Zuma faces 16 charges of corruption, money-laundering, fraud and racketeering for his alleged involvement in the multi-billion rand arms deal.

For years Zuma has pleaded his innocence with him asking for his day in court.

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The court appearance is expected to be brief and is likely to be postponed.

Zuma, who resigned as the country&39;s president in February, has been implicated in the deal to buy military equipment from a French company, Thales in the 1990s.

His lawyer Michael Hulley indicated that Zuma might take the decision to prosecute him on review.

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Hulley said the reason for the decision to prosecute him is not clear from the "one-page and somewhat terse response" by the National Prosecuting Authority.

Pro-Zuma supporters held a night vigil for him on Thursday.

When Zuma made his first appearances in court on this matter 13 years ago he was a hugely popular political figure, on his way to the ANC presidency.

He had a solid alliance of political heavyweights and structures who believed in his innocence and that he was the victim of a political conspiracy.

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The political context is vastly different now and Zuma has held and subsequently relinquished both the presidency of the party and the country.

And many of his comrades who formed part of what was then described as the unstoppable &39;Zuma Tsunami&39; have since switched allegiances and some of them were instrumental in his downfall.

At the forefront of mobilising community support are groups and activists, some of whom are ANC members, while others are not.

But Zuma continues to enjoy some support, including in the top echelons of the ANC and its structures and leagues.

The ANC Women&39;s League, the ANC Youth League and MK Veterans are all in his corner.