CheckPoint: In Conversation with Eskom's Brian Molefe

JOHANNESBURG – Eskom CEO Brian Molefe doubts the Finance Minister post would be offered to him and if it is, he says it would have to be a discussion between himself and President Jacob Zuma.

Molefe has been credited with keeping our lights on and some are saying the Eskom CEO could be the country&39;s next finance minister.

Molefe told CheckPoint, he doesn’t think there is an attack on the finance minister and that he is confident that the matter would be cleared.

“I respect Mr Gordhan as someone who is more senior than me in many ways, as a struggle veteran and a person who has contributed immensely to the freedom that we have.


But with alleged sweetheart coal deals for the Gupta family, is he the right man to steer South Africa&39;s economy in the right direction. 

When asked about Tegeta in relation to the Gupta family, the Eskom boss said it is not correct to call him an enthusiastic defender of the Guptas.

He said he is unaware of any evidence against the Gupta family.

“I don’t know if evidence against the Guptas exists and as far as I’m concerned, there isn’t any.


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