Checkpoint: Race or rules?


Authorities will visit Pretoria Girls High amid allegations of racism. eNCA has amended this image to protect the identity of the schoolchildren, in accordance with the law.

JOHANNESBURG - Like many other so-called Model C schools in South Africa, Pretoria Girls High opened its doors to black pupils in the early 90’s.

Now they comprise more than 40% of leaners at the school. But the recent storm around the school’s hair policy has highlighted prejudices that black pupils say have been there for some time 40 years after the Soweto uprising.


In 25 years Pretoria Girls High has gone from having no black teachers to four. That’s an average of one black teacher hired every six years 88 percentage of the school’s educators remain white and it’s only when issues like the school’s hair code erupt, that other simmering tensions become apparent.

We asked the Education Department, which is largely black, whether they should have been more in tune


Of the nine parents on the school governing body of Pretoria girls high, two are black. The education department says the pace of change at former white schools could hasten if more black parents participated in decision making bodies of their children’s schools.

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