CheckPoint: should sex work be formalised in SA?


Johannesburg, 09 October 2015 - A much-debated and controversial issue should sex work be formalised in SA? CheckPoint investigates.

JOHANNESBURG – The issue of the legalisation and formalisation of sex work is a much-debated and controversial one.

Some say that a review of the legislation of sex work helps to protect all involved in the services provided by these men and women.

In addition, those who support the move say that the rights of sex workers need to be brought to the fore.



UK-based Amnesty International is a respected human rights NGO. But the organisation’s recent call to decriminalise prostitution has many questioning its motives and wisdom.

While the position is supported by some, it’s also received high profile and very public outrage. Meryl Streep, Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet have banded together with women&39;s groups  to criticise Amnesty’s stance.

But what is the position here at home? CheckPoint producer Ntokozo Sindane hit the streets to bring you every angle of this story.