Checkpoint: Trans rights


Kwa-Thema, Gauteng - South Africa is lauded around the world for its constitutional commitment to protecting gay rights.

JOHANNESBURG - In 2003, the Births and Deaths Registration Act was amended to give effect to a new law, the Alteration of Sex Description and Sex Status Act.

It states that those who have undergone a sex-change operation or are in the process of medical treatment to reassign their gender can apply for new identity documents at Home Affairs.




Eighteen months ago, when Home Affairs refused to implement this law for Nadia Swanepoel, she went on hunger strike.

When her story went public, the department apologised and soon gave her a new ID.

But as is often the case, South Africa’s liberal laws aren’t always translated into action by officialdom. It seems there are many more Nadia’s out there, frustrated by ignorance.

Watch Checkpoint producer Ntokozo Sindane’s full report in the gallery above.

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