CheckPoint: The Yellowbone Factory, scratching the surface


A beautician who works on Nairobi's River Road illustrates how to apply skin-lightening cream, on March 18, 2015.

JOHANNESBURG – When it comes to the topic of skin lightening, many South African women are silent on the matter. But CheckPoint speaks to three women about their desire for a lighter complexion.

In a time where many people want to be light-skinned, those who have the money to buy expensive products turn to people like Neo Mobitha, whose Yellowbone Factory has become a lucrative business.

She promises to give her clients their desired complexions and has worked on a number of celebrities.

In rural communities, women have covered their faces with red clay for centuries – all in the name of not wanting to be dark. 

Skin-lightening products have been on the market for years.

This week CheckPoint explores these burning issues: Where does this obsession stem from, what avenues are available to people exploring skin lightening and is skin lightening a reflection of self-hate? ??

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