Child Protection Week launch: waging a war on sexual abuse


File: The mining industry needs to do more to improve safety and skills development in the sector, Mineral Resources Minister Susan Shabangu said on Tuesday.

JOHANNESBURG – Sunday marks the beginning of Child Protection Week.

Social Development Minister Susan Shabangu is leading the campaign&39;s launch in Pretoria.

This year’s theme is "Let us all protect children to move South Africa forward."

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The Department said one in five children in South Africa are subjected to some sort of sexual, emotional or physical abuse before they turn 18.

eNCA spoke with Mandisa Maruge, a social worker at the Family Life Centre who has slated the posting of pictures of half-naked people on social media.

“That behaviour of putting a lot of sex on social media – it is very dangerous for kids. As much as we as professional workers are trying to ensure that kids are safe out there, it is not safe for kids to see those things because that is where they see things that they are not taught at home.

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“All that we can say is if adults can work with us and stop sending those pornographic videos and picture, so that kids know that it is not okay to be naked in order to feel pretty because some of these kids they like to watch these music videos where sex is sold as a drawcard to make person famous. We must teach our kids that confidence is what is going to take you far. You don&39;t have to undress and be naked. You don&39;t have to be naked,” Maruge added.