Cosatu condemns political killings


Police tape off an area after a crime scene.

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RUSTENBURG - The Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) on Wednesday condemned the brutal killings of candidates for the local government elections.

"Elections are part and parcel of a constitutional process geared to strengthen democracy and the killings are against the spirit of free and fair election contest," the federation said in a statement.

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ANC candidates Bongani Skhosana from Harding and Khanyisile Ngobese-Sbisi from Ladysmith were killed in alleged political killings.

"Cosatu calls on all communities to implement the long standing resolution on establishment of street committees to ensure all residents are free and feel safe.

"We call on all residents to share information with the South African Police Services to make investigations and arrest whosoever is/was responsible for the killings."

The federation called for a high level investigation on these killings saying the people behind the killings were highly trained and well organised.

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"A special investigation team like the one that we had to break the hit squads in early 1990’s would be best suitable for this purpose."

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