Cosatu cuts DStv cord over Willemse saga


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JOHANNESBURG - The Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) on Thursday said its leaders will be boycotting SuperSport in light of the Ashwin Willemse saga.

SuperSport on Tuesday released a report on the incident where Willemse, a former Springbok player and on-air commentator, walked off set.

He criticised his ‘patronising’ colleagues Naas Botha and Nick Mallett during the walk-out.

SuperSport&39;s independent investigation found no racism had been directed at Willemse.

Willemse indicated he would be taking the matter to the Equality Court

WATCH: No racism in Willemse walkout incident, says SuperSport

Cosatu on Thursday said the report "was a whitewash to cover up the racism still operating in the old white company."

The trade union federation says Mallet, specifically, is a racist who displays this attitude in many subtle ways.

It said for SuperSport to support the pair was unacceptable.

Cosatu went on to say Mallet and Naas should not be allowed back at SuperSport, failing which, the union would call for a full-scale boycott.

In the meantime, Cosatu Western Cape Secretary Tony Ehrenreich said the federation would end its DStv subscription.