Marli van Breda's blood not on axe: defence


Murder-accused Henri van Breda is accused of bludgeoning his parents and brother to death at their Stellenbosch home in 2015.

JOHANNESBURG – Triple murder accused Henri van Breda’s defence team has questioned evidence provided by the state’s blood spatter expert on the axe which was used to bludgeon his family. 

Marli van Breda’s blood is missing from the axe that which was allegedly used to kill her mother, father and brother. Marli who survived the attack is suffering from retrograde amnesia.

The axe evidence forms part of cross-examination and Van Breda’s team is demanding answers on why there was no trace of Marli's blood on it.

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"No DNA or blood of Marli was found on my client's shorts. No DNA of Marli was found on his socks ... not a single drop of Marli's blood was found on the axe," advocate Pieter Botha said.

Marius Joubert, a blood-spatter expert, had  argued that Marli’s injuries were not concentrated in one specific area but rather were spread from the neck to her head.

Botha asked him: "I again ask you to tell the court what are the chances, if she was attacked and she sustained those multiple injuries to her skull and neck, what are the chances of her DNA not being found on the axe?"

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"Our expert Mr Klein will say it is virtually impossible for that to happen given the number of injuries she sustained, given Dr Anthony’s evidence that she bled profusely and fast, and given that we have the blood of all three other people on the axe," Botha said.

The case continues on Thursday.

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