Cyclone Dineo downgraded to tropical storm


Tropical Cyclone Dineo nears the shores of Mozambique, Wednesday, 15 February, 2017.

JOHANNESBURG - Tropical cyclone Dineo has been downgraded to a tropical storm according to the South African Weather Service.

Gale force winds and torrential downpours damaged homes and uprooted trees in the province of Inhambane Wednesday.

Dineo is expected to reach eastern and northern parts of South Africa later Thursday.

WATCH: Dineo batters Moz, due in KZN

Jan Vermeleun from the weather service said, "Dineo has now been downgraded to a depression. It still has winds of 50-60 kilometers per hour."

"It is expected to move towards the Bunda Maria area of the Kruger National Park later today, still giving heavy rainfalls of 200mm per day in places."

"It’s now called ex-Dineo."

By Friday, the storm is expected it to move towards the eastern parts of Botswana and still give heavy rainfall of more than 100mm in that area and over northern Limpopo.

A Mozambican journalist said tropical cyclone Dineo caused destruction in the Inhambane province as it brought heavy rains and gale force winds.





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